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Germaine De Capuccini Wellness Therapies Price List

Our range of Wellness Therapies have been designed to help restore and soothe the mind, body and soul. We use a specific light touch massage making them suitable for cancer patients, those on intensive medication or anyone in need of a completely soothing and de-stressing experience.

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Sharon’s Soothing Rose & Honey Harmony Stone Facial - £55.00

Designed to help alleviate symptoms of dry, flaky and sensitive skin using a range of products including our soothing pure Rose Hip Oil – known for its healing properties. (60 mins)

Treasa’s Calming Scalp, Hand & Foot Therapy - £55.00

Chemical treatments such as chemotherapy can leave the extremities of the body suffering from extreme dryness and stimulate hair loss. This provides the hands and feet with intense nourishment. A gentle exfoliation and hydrating mask is applied to the feet, hands and nail beds without the use of water baths. (75 mins)

Louise’s Phytocare Baobab Body & Scalp Ritual - £65.00

A relaxing ritual combining a soothing lymphatic massage with beautiful products containing ethically sourced, organic Baobab Oil from Africa. This nourishing, protective and hydrating experience includes a full body exfoliation, massage & gentle stress reducing scalp therapy. (90 mins)

Jennifer’s Aloe & Mint Cooling Body Therapy - £65.00

Uses the power of semi-precious stones to restore harmony to the mind and soul. The healing properties of Aloe Vera, Mint & Rose Hip oil provide an anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating experience for the body. Finally this is complete with a gentle scalp pressure massage to aid relaxation. (90 mins)